TKTX Colour Difference

TKTX was available since 1996, In these 20 years , TKTX ointment is more and more popular in tattoo fans, fast numbing no more pain, even a pussy can enjoy tattoo fun.

At the begining , TKTX has 20% then develop to 35% 38% 39% 40%.
Different color use on a different part and different skin.
With the development of technology, The ointment tend to synthesis,they can use on most parts of the body.

Many buyers are asking me which one is the best ?

What cream should I take now?  You should answer this question yourself and keep in mind that each of these colors is particularly effective. Over the years, however, a trend has developed towards the Greens and the Red, and they are considered all-rounders by TKTX. It does not just recommend testing one color, but taking two different ones in direct comparison and finding those for a best mix.