US Shipping 10%  Tattoo Body Fast Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

US Shipping 10% Tattoo Body Fast Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

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Perfect for personal use or for resale in a Tattoo Studio!
Tattoo Aftercare Cream
Vitamin A & D Emollient
5g per Sachet, sterile and foil wrapped
Improve the healing of your new tattoo, protect your ink.
Reduce the risk of scabbing. No itching.
Ointment is rich in essential vitamins A and D. These are extremely important for faster tattoo healing.

Can also be used to re-moisturise old/existing tattoos.


Vitamin A & D ointment leaves skin soft and smooth. It can be used to relieve and soothe a new tattoo.
Provides moisture to help return the skin to a healthy state. The product is also very effective for dry skin conditions.
Instructions for use
Clean the affected area. Apply ointment generously to the tattoo 2 or 3 times daily.
If required, can be covered with a sterile dressing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
great stuff Works wonders.

Seal and set with saran 1 hour before. Or if you already have an outline etched on it takes 20 min to work straight on broken skin. Wonderful stuff.


I use this for numbing my entire back for laser tattoo removal. When following the directions precisely product works to ease the pain about 65% - and helps make the session tolerable. Ive also used this for bikini waxing and that also helped make the session very tolerable. I would recommend.

It works 100%

6/5 stars!! This product is legit and last several hours. As long as you follow directions (thick layer, plastic wrap, wait an hour 1) you will feel no pain. I use the numbing cream at home on my finger/ear tattoos, before getting them lasered for removal. I felt nothing from the laser!! I bought 1 tube the first time and 3 tubes about a week later (several sessions needed and my doctor's numbing cream is weak and he doesnt let it sit long enough before my session).

Don't get tatted without it

I get tatted alot and don't get it done if i don't have it


Worked very well lasted 5+hours